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I know I can create an array and a reference to an array as follows:

my @arr = ();
my $rarr = \@arr;

I can then iterate over the array reference as follows:

foreach my $i (@{$rarr}){


Is there a way to copy or convert the array ref to a normal array so I can return it from a function? (Ideally without using that foreach loop and a push).

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You cannot return an array in Perl. (you can however, return the list that an array contains) –  tadmc Apr 1 '11 at 21:29

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You have the answer in your question :-)

use warnings;
use strict;

sub foo() {
    my @arr = ();
    push @arr, "hello", ", ", "world", "\n";
    my $arf = \@arr;
    return @{$arf}; # <- here

my @bar = foo();
map { print; } (@bar);
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Like this:

return @{$reference};

You're then just returning a dereferenced reference.

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you can copy the array simply by assigning to a new array:

my @copy_of_array = @$array_ref;

BUT, you don't need to do that just to return the modified array. Since it's a reference to the array, updating the array through the reference is all you need to do!

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