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How can use spans object to get all matches in a document for a spanNearQuery, I got it upto here, but not sure how to proceed

     for(int i =0; i < splitwords.length ; i++)
                         sQuery[i] = new SpanTermQuery(new Term(field,splitwords[i]));
                     SpanQuery queryCount = new SpanNearQuery(sQuery, 0, true);
                     int numspans = 0;
                     Spans span = queryCount.getSpans(reader);
                     int docId;
                         docId = span.doc();
                         System.out.println(span.end() - span.start());

Would I be able to get all matches(the count of matches) in current document?

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This will give you a hashtable containing the number of matches for each doc ID:

Hashtable<Integer, Integer> hits = new Hashtable<Integer, Integer>();
while (spans.next() == true)
     int docID = spans.doc();
     int hit = hits.get(docID) != null ? hits.get(docID) : 0;
     hits.put(docID, hit);
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