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I have this code

gameOver1.text = (count1.currentCount / 100).toString();

but i want to add some text before i display the current count. for instance in gameOver1.text i want to say

Score : (and then the count)


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Just use : gameOver1.text = "Score" + (count1.currentCount / 100).toString();

Action script was derived from ECMA script. One of the reasons as to why it's similar to javascript with features like string manipulation. Apart from string concatenation, other examples include:

  • myString.charAt(0);

  • myString.substring(0,4);

  • myString.substring(4);

  • myString.slice(4,9);

  • myString.search("Word");

  • myString.toLowerCase();

  • myString.toUpperCase();

  • myString.length;

  • myString.replace(myString.substring(0,3), "New");

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you also don't need the toString() at the end, it'll make the conversion automatically. i.e. gameOver1.text = "Score" + (count1.currentCount / 100); – divillysausages Apr 1 '11 at 15:05
yea rite. I guess I didn't implement what I suggested in my own second line. – loxxy Apr 1 '11 at 16:56
var score:Number = count1.currentCount / 100;
gameOver1.text = "Score:"+score;

You can add strings together with the + operator. When you use Numbers or ints there (or any other type), their toString() function will be called.

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...if and only if the first term is a string. If the first term is a number and you use the + operator then it'll get confused. – Myk Apr 1 '11 at 14:58

You may want

gameOver1.text = "Score: " + int(count1.currentCount/100);

If your score needs to show and integer, with no fractional part. Or possibly:

gameOver1.text = "Score: " + int((count1.currentCount+50)/100);


gameOver1.text = "Score: " + Math.round(count1.currentCount/100);

If you want an integer score but want to round rather than truncate to int (same as floor).

gameOver1.text = "Score: " + (count1.currentCount/100).toFixed(2);

If you want to display rounded to some fixed number of decimal places (2 places in the example). You may even require:

gameOver1.text = "Score: " + Math.ceil(count1.currentCount/100);

If you always want to round up.

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You can append strings simply by adding them together. So write

gameOver1.text = "Score: " + (count1.currentCount / 100).toString();
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