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I am thinking about moving from AdMob to MoPub for my Android apps. Does anyone have any first hand experience with MoPub?

Reasons I am thinking of MoPub:

  1. No need to include other SDKs.
  2. Greater control. e.g. Frequency capping
  3. Higher rates (but this would come from networks).

I have gone through the MoPub site and read about the above features. It sounds very exciting. The problem is the the only source of info about MoPub is their site or PR stuff on news sites. There are very few first hand accounts. Hence this question.

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I'm using MoPub in the latest version of my app which has 30,000 unique users a week, and I am VERY happy with it.

I previously used a custom iAds/AdMob solution, AdWhirl, and attempted to use Burstly, and none of them satisfied me. The first was fine until Apple cut my eCPM drastically and without warning, and I had to wait weeks to upgrade my app so I could move to alternative networks.

AdWhirl was fine, but they didn't support all the networks I wanted to use and their custom network option was lacking, also adding the individual SDK for each ad network was cumbersome and bloated my app, and if I want to add a new network, another upgrade is involved.

Burstly looks fabulous, but comes as one big horrible framework which clashes with just about every other framework in my app, I gave up in the end when it seemed that getting Burstly and the out of date version of the three20 framework I use, to work together.

MoPub on the other hand is lightweight, took minutes to add, allows you to add new networks server side, and display custom ads. I'm not saying it's perfect, I did have problems, but I started using it very soon after it was released so it wasn't as mature as it is now. What really made them stand out for me was the fact that they replied instantly and personally to any questions I had by email, and were more than willing to listen to my suggestions and make changes the their SDK within minutes to fix things or fine tune them for me. They even got in touch with an ad network I was desperate to use that they didn't support at the time, and had them active within 24 hours!

So yeah, I'd say go for it ... and if you have doubts, just email them, I'm sure they'll be happy to talk to you.

I also find this reassuring: http://stats.mopub.com/

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Thanks for the detailed answer. How did you like their features? Did you see much difference in your revenue? –  Mandar Limaye Apr 2 '11 at 7:22
Oh, I'm sorry ... I just re-read my answer and realised I wasn't as clear as I should have been! I'm using MoPub in the latest version of my app, but what I meant to say was ... "which is still waiting to be approved"! I heavily tested it with beta users so I'm happy with it from that point of view, I won't know about revenue until it goes live next week, but I have high hopes. I'll post more when I know! –  Steven Elliott Apr 4 '11 at 2:35
Hi Steven, what happened? :) –  Robert Grant Apr 17 '13 at 9:39
@StevenElliott, would like to know if you are doing well after 2 years? or did you change the ad network? –  Alex Oct 28 '13 at 13:19

I was using Admob , and because i was making very low money i looked for a solution that allowed me to use several networks and decide at any time what was the best. Mopub allows you that in a very easy and intuitive way, also is incredibly easy to integrate in Android (it took me 60 minutes) , also their client sdk is open-source and thats always good :)

My revenues were multiplied by 10, 5 days after i released by app .. i was really surprised, and now that i use 7 networks in my app i clearly see that admob is the one making less money..

Then there is Mopub website, very simple and very easy to use, but to me the best thing is their support, just awesome!! :)

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We just switch to mopub. Our admob fill rates are dropping from 95% to 65% over 3 days and still dropping as we have more users upgrading to the version of our app which uses mopub.

We done some test and this happen even when admob is the only provider turned on in mopub.

I have tried contacting mopub but still no replies after 2 emails.

I can see how mopub has many potential. But this fill rate problem is making us lose money.

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I would suggest that you use different ad providers through mopub. In my experience Millenial Media gets much better eCPMs. Although you might get different result based on your user demographic. The best part about mopub is that you can try out different ad networks without changing your app. –  Mandar Limaye Jul 7 '11 at 4:24
Also notice that mopub doesnt support "use adsense for backfill". So you get 50% fillrate on admob due to this. You can integrate their custom native admob adapter, which just gives you the adsense back too, since you use the admob sdk in combination with mopub. –  Peterdk Aug 24 '11 at 14:20
I have the same issue with MoPub, no responses to emails from their support team. –  Siddharth Aug 8 '12 at 3:08

I've been using MoPub for Android for many months now and I'm very pleased it. Integrating multiple ad networks manually is too much trouble and AdWhirl adds its own layer of complexity and potential bugs that has caused issues for me in the past.

I think the biggest benefit I've derived from MoPub is doing away with individual ad network SDKs. Integration of MoPub's client-side code is really easy and lets me worry about actually working on my game.

The MoPub team has been very responsive to issues for as long as I have been with them; they're truly committed to producing the best ad platform out there.

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