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I'm running a 64-bit Ubuntu with an applet in Firefox. When the applet attempts to read the clipboard. I get this error:

Error: uncaught exception: LiveConnectPermissionNeeded access denied (java.awt.AWTPermission accessClipboard)

I would like to enable clipboard access for this particular applet. Any idea how? I'm running the IcedTea plugin. This works fine with IE in Windows (using JDK6 plugin).

I tried installing the Oracle Java 6 plugin: sudo apt-get install sun-java6-plugin

It didn't seem to have any usable files and did not give any errors or warnings during the install.

I'm open to any ideas on how to get this to work.

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Could it be that you are accessing your applet from JavaScript here? – Paŭlo Ebermann Apr 1 '11 at 16:04

I'm glad you asked. See the thread Copy in sand-boxed app. in 1.6.0_24+ over at the OTN for a potential solution.

In fact, I'd appreciate your test results for that code I posted - details in the thread. I got it moved from the Swing forum to the Java Programming forum to try & get some results for any OS besides Windows, but have so far got no non-Windows results.

If you paste the data & comments here, I'll include it in the Results table & link back.

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I just tried your applet ... but in fact I have only 1.6.0_20 here (on OpenSUSE with IcedTea), and there is no button in the applet. It says java.vendorjava.version 1.6.0_20 java.vendor Sun Microsystems Inc. Linux2.6.34.7-0.7-desktop os.version in the text I copy from the applet (without any security warning). Copying to the applet does not really work (it still pastes the last thing I copied in the applet itself). I'll have to try this later on my Ubuntu system (which is hopefully a bit more current). – Paŭlo Ebermann Apr 1 '11 at 16:02
@Paŭlo Ebermann Thanks for your report. Was that using FF? Note that 'paste' into the applet is not a design feature, so I neither coded for it nor even thought about it. Odd though, I thought the default result in a JTable would be to allow pasting data. – Andrew Thompson Apr 1 '11 at 17:27
This was in Firefox, yes. In Opera it looks the same, but Ctrl-A does not do anything, I have to mark the cells with the shift+cursor keys. Copying the whole table does not work either (but I can copy the contents of individual cells after starting to edit them). Pasting does not work, too. – Paŭlo Ebermann Apr 1 '11 at 17:44
And in fact, in Firefox marking the whole table and copying it only puts it into some Java-intern clipboard, so I can paste it then into one of the cells there. From there I can copy it to the system clipboard with Ctrl-C. Strange. – Paŭlo Ebermann Apr 1 '11 at 17:46
In both cases it prints jnlp.grab.focus=true on stdout, and does not grab the focus. – Paŭlo Ebermann Apr 1 '11 at 17:51

Not sure if you need this to run in the sandbox or if its a problem to sign your applet, But the permission error is most likely due to your clipboard access not being wrapped in a privileged block. Here is an example of wrapping it. Applet needs to be signed as well.

 Clipboard systemClipboard = (Clipboard) AccessController.doPrivileged(new PrivilegedAction() {
        public Object run() 
            Clipboard tempClipboard = Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit().getSystemClipboard();
         return tempClipboard;

    // get the contents on the clipboard in a 
    // Transferable object
    Transferable clipboardContents = systemClipboard.getContents(null);
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As you didn't answer the questions, here just one more tip:

To change to the Sun plugin after installing, you have to do sudo update-java-alternatives java-6-sun, and then restart Firefox (or at least close and reopen any tabs containing Java applets).

Note: This changes not only the Plugin, but your default JVM for the whole system. If you only want to change the plugin, add the --plugin switch (before java-6-sun).

But please report whether using the Sun plugin gives you any changes.

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You may find the information in this thread helpful.

It appears that by default the java.awt library doesn't have access to the system clipboard.

Edit: The above solution was ultimately unhelpful in my case. I was able to access items in the system clipboard I had placed in java applications by following the advice to download Glipper mentioned in the thread below.

Java - Clipboard copied content disappear after program exits

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