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I have two files...

Lookup is 1285 lines long:

cat Lookup.txt 

main is 4,838,869 lines long:

cat main.txt
abc, USA
pqr, UK
xyz, SA

I need to compare lookup and main and then output the matching lines in main to final.txt

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I think you should be much more precise, if you want some help. If you simply want to find which line of Lookup are present in main, and have no real efficiency concerns, then a single loop over Lookup lines and a bit of grep -x -q, and you are done. –  tonio Apr 1 '11 at 15:44

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You don't need awk or sed here but grep, assuming I am reading your requirements correctly:

% grep -f lookup.txt main.txt > final.txt
% cat final.txt 
abc, USA
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