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At the moment, I'm marking up a play in HTML5, and trying to use the most semantically-rich markup available. There's plenty of information online about using the <dialog> tag for this; unfortunately, that tag has been removed from the draft standard as of September 2009.

WHATWG's recommendation for marking up conversations strikes me as somewhat less than ideal from a semantic perspective. Is there another option, or do I just need to look into Microformats/RDFa for this?

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can't you just use an article? :) that is what comes the closest to what you want. HTML5 is kind of general, they cannot make tags for everything and article just shows the main content :).

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article is a sectioning tag. Moreover, each dialogue is not an article. The whole discussion can be wrapped inside an article though. – apnerve Apr 17 '12 at 5:54

I think the <p> tag is semantically most appropriate for this purpose. Every dialogue is a paragraph. Each person gets his/her own paragraph each time he/she speaks. This additional information can be added using HTML5 data-attributes or microformats.


<p><span class="fname">Praveen</span> : &quot; This is my dialogue. &quot;</p>
<p><span class="fname">Naveen</span> : &quot; and this is mine. &quot;</p>

PS: Using unordered, ordered, definition lists is wrong in this case.

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