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I need to add some files to an SD card on Android Emulator. I am using Intellij Idea on an Ubuntu system.

What I 've done so far is:

  1. Create SD Card image using mksdcard command -> mksdcard -l SD256M 256M ~/sdcard256m.img.
  2. Launched Android Emulator with command line option -> -sdcard ~/sdcard256m.img

However, I am unable to add files to the SD Card using DDMS - File Explorer (launched DDMS from command line).

I get the following error.

E/ddms: transfer error: Read-only file system Failed to push testfile.mp3 on emulator-5554: Read-only file system

Also, on the Emulator, under Settings > SD Card & Phone Storage Settings, I see the fllowing:

Total Space - Unavailable

Available Space - Unavailable

Mount SD Card - Insert an SD Card for mounting

Format SD Card - Format (erase) the SD Card

I am not sure if the emulator is able to pick up the SD card image that I created.

Please let me know where I am going wrong?

Thanks a lot!

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The problem was with the command line parameter while launching the Emulator


I had to expand "~" and changed it to


The SD Card got detected in the Emulator & I was able to PUSH files through DDMS File Explorer.

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