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I added and configured SmartGWT in my project into eclipse. I have no news SmartGWT palettes that appear in the GWT developer. Yet, according to the official documentation of google, widgets palettes should appear automatically.


Note : In fact, the SmartGWT palettes appear if I use GWT Designer with java file. But I would like use with XML file, is it possible ? GWT Designer support SmartGWT with XML ui:UiBinder ?

Versions : GWT 2.2 / GWT Designer 2.2.1 (I tested beta and not beta) / SmartGWT 2.4 / eclipse Helios / maven 3


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I heard that in the UiBinder mode the palette will not appear, not sure why. I personally like to have my views in different Java files that I just inject into the module. I unfortunately use Indigo and it seems the Indigo support isn't there yet. Will have to download and install Helios over the weekend.

I found this post when I had the same problem with GXT, it seems there isn't a real standard for UiBinder, so every vendor makes their own decisions.

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