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I guess what I'm asking is what methods are available to send SameTime messages to users? The version is the one integrated into Notes 8.5.

Is there a command line, a web service, a .Net API, a Java API, LotusScript Orr something else?

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There is a free Java API available here. The excerpt below is a simple example of how to send a message.

final STSession session = new STSession("SameTimeSender");

CommunityService comm = (CommunityService) session.getCompApi(CommunityService.COMP_NAME);
comm.addLoginListener(new LoginListener() {

    public void loggedOut(LoginEvent arg0) {

    public void loggedIn(LoginEvent arg0) {
        LookupService lookup = (LookupService) session.getCompApi(LookupService.COMP_NAME);
        Resolver resolver = lookup.createResolver(true, false, true, false);
        resolver.addResolveListener(new ResolveListener() {

            public void resolved(ResolveEvent re) {
                STUser user = (STUser) re.getResolved();

                InstantMessagingService imservice = (InstantMessagingService) session.getCompApi(InstantMessagingService.COMP_NAME);

                final Im im = imservice.createIm(user, EncLevel.ENC_LEVEL_NONE, ImTypes.IM_TYPE_CHAT);
                im.addImListener(new ImListener() {

                    public void textReceived(ImEvent arg0) {

                    public void openImFailed(ImEvent arg0) {

                    public void imOpened(ImEvent arg0) {
                        im.sendText(false, "hello world!");

                    public void imClosed(ImEvent arg0) {

                    public void dataReceived(ImEvent arg0) {

            public void resolveFailed(ResolveEvent arg0) {

            public void resolveConflict(ResolveEvent arg0) {


comm.loginByPassword(hostname, userId, password);
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