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For a variety of reasons I need a JSP to act and display differently depending on whether it is being viewed as a parent page or if it is being viewed via an iFrame.

Is there a way for the JSP to know how it is being displayed so that it acts correctly?

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The JSP can't figure out whether it's in a frame. But you maybe you could use javascript. Here's a very simple javascript call that will detect whether you're in a frame:

if(top != self) {
    alert("In an HTML frame");

If you need to know whether you're in a frame on the server side, then maybe you could do something like

  1. Add small bit of javascript to jsp to detect whether it's in a frame
  2. Send the result of whether you're in a frame back to servlet via ajax call
  3. Store the result in the session in the servlet.
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That worked a treat, we don't need to do this at the server end, just have a slightly different look and feel when displayed. – Paul Gilfedder Apr 4 '11 at 10:47

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