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I have a sql table, it has many coloumns.

For Instance;

The Table :

CREATE TABLE [dbo].[_BundleFlowData](

    [IsCustomer] [bit] NULL,
    [CustomerClientNo] [bigint] NULL,
    [BranchCode] [bigint] NULL,
    [BranchName] [varchar](250) NULL,
    [CitizenshipNo] [bigint] NULL,

I want a program/a solution that generates interface for each column of the table;

    bool IsCustomer { get; set; }
    long CustomerClientNo { get; set; }
    long BranchCode { get; set; }
    string BranchName{ get; set; }
    long CitizenshipNo{ get; set; }

What is your advice for this case above?

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You could use T4 Templates to connect to the database and generate your interfaces.

T4 Templates:

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If you want to generate it from sql files (like in an SSDT project) instead of waiting until your database code is deployed, you can use SqlSharpener to parse the files and then use the meta-object hierarchy it creates in a T4 template.

Disclaimer - I'm the creator of SqlSharpener.

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