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I have written some code that looks more or less like this:

QVector<QRgb> colorTable(256);
 QImage *qi = new QImage(lutData, imwidth,imheight, QImage::Format_Indexed8);

 while (index < 256)
         colorTable.replace(index, qRgb(2552,255, 255));

 QPixmap p(QPixmap::fromImage(*qi,Qt::AutoColor));

so lutData (unsigned char) is my indexes into the colorTable. This crashes on the last line of the snippet, and the actual line is in a library I cant see source to called QX11PixmapData. What am I doing wrong to cause this crash, or is it a Qt Bug?

I am running CentOS 5.5 if that matters.


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The QImage constructor you called is:

QImage::QImage ( const uchar * data, int width, int height, Format format )

Which requires the scanline data to be 32-bit aligned. So make sure it is and also has enough bytes in it. Or you can use:

QImage::QImage ( uchar * data, int width, int height, int bytesPerLine, Format format )

Which allows specification of bytes per scanline without being 32-bit aligned. So you can call it this way:

QImage *qi = new QImage(lutData, imwidth, imheight, imwidth, QImage::Format_Indexed8);

Since for a index color image, the scanline bytes is the same as the width.

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Wow..awesome tip..this did solve the problem! I never wouldve gotten this! +1 –  Derek Apr 1 '11 at 17:37
Ugghh, well that was a nasty problem to spot! Thanks –  g.p.daniels Apr 24 at 15:45

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