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I have a DataTable which is bound to DataGridView. DataTable has several columns which have FK and/or unique constraints defined. After loading data into DataTable some rows have property HasErrors set to true. I'm looking for a way to show in DataGridView all DataTable rows or only rows with errors, while giving user ability to edit rows of DataTable in each view mode. I tried

DataGridView testDGV;
DataTable testDT;
testDGV.DataSource = testDT.Select().Where(row => row.HasErrors == true).CopyToDataTable();

but this creates different DataTable. Is it possible to create DataView using rows properties in filter criteria?

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Try this:

testDGV.DataSource = dt.AsEnumerable().Where(row => row.HasErrors == true).AsDataView();

This should create a DataView over the filtered DataTable, so basically your not creating a new DataTable but it's the same, just wrapped up.

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Worked like a charm! Thanks! – ANDray Apr 1 '11 at 18:25

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