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I have the following jQuery code:


This works fine. When the submit button is clicked on the form, I show a processing spinning graphic.

I don't want to show the processing spinning graphic however, if there are errors on the form (form is not yet submitted). I validate my form with jQuery as well and I add a "error" css class to the form input fields if there is an error.

I want to use the css error class as the flag for this.

I tried:

if (!$("#myForm input").hasClass("error") ) {

But did not work. Any help greatly appreciated.

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Try using the toggle() method and a simple selector

    $('#processing').toggle($("#myForm input.error").length > 0);


showOrHideA Boolean indicating whether to show or hide the elements.

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if ($("#myForm input").hasClass("error") ) {
      //your error code here }
else {
      //your loading image
$('#processing').show(); }
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You could try counting the number of elements with the .error class:

if ($("#myForm input.error").length != 0)
} else {
  // Show your spinner here
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