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I want to scroll to the end of the listview, when a new item is added. I'm using CListViewCtrl from WTL. Here is my function for adding a new item and scrolling:

void CMainDlg::addMessage(CString msg)
    m_wndList.InsertItem ( n++, msg);
    SIZE size;
    size.cx = 0;
    size.cy = n;

n is just a global variable:

int n = 0;

The function works, aside from not scrolling at all.

I've looked at the source for Scroll in wtl and it looks fine:

BOOL Scroll(SIZE size)
        return (BOOL)::SendMessage(m_hWnd, LVM_SCROLL, size.cx, size.cy);

So why isn't it scrolling? I've tried n+1, etc...

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Yep, you scroll by pixels. Use the EnsureVisible function instead (it sends LVM_ENSUREVISIBLE).

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