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I'm generating several divs with id="RG":

<div id="rg"></div>
<div id="rg"></div>
<div id="rg"></div>

If I was to click on the first div, how could I hide every div but the div clicked.

<div id="rg"></div> <-- Clicked (Keep)
<div id="rg"></div> <-- Hide
<div id="rg"></div> <-- Hide
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Strictly speaking, you shouldn't have multiple elements with the same ID, use class instead – 3urdoch Apr 1 '11 at 18:39
Not strictly, but you can't realistically have multiple element's sharing an ID. An ID is unique! – Blender Apr 1 '11 at 18:40
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First, you can/should only use an ID once i.e. each ID attribute's value must be unique.

Second, it would look like this

$('div').click(function() {
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+1 on the All html elements need to have unique id's. If you want them all to have the same selector use class which is allowed to be non-unique – scrappedcola Apr 1 '11 at 18:42

You should not use the same ID multiple times, use classes instead.

<div class="rg"></div>

Then simply do:



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First of all, you're not supposed to have multiple elements with same id. Use <div class="rg"></div> instead.

If you change them to classes, you could use the following code:

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You can't use IDs twice so switch them to classes and use this:

                $('.rg').click(function() {
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First, as mentioned in a comment, you should use class instead of id since id should be unique. I can't provide a jQuery solution, but I can give you a general thing.

So, when you click on the div, this div should be passed as a parameter to the listener. (I think) To hide all others you have to find all divs with class=rg

This should be something like jQuery(".rg").hide()

Then, after you hide ALL divs, you should show the div, on which the user has clicked.

That's it.

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<div id="rg1" class="toggle"></div>
<div id="rg2" class="toggle"></div>
<div id="rg3" class="toggle"></div>

then add onclick event for each div (#rg1 - in example)


this solution for situations when other divs (or other tags) not siblings too

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