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Right now I'm using

open("/home/some/file.txt", "a") { |f| f << sometxtdata}

What I want to do is connect to the same file on another server like:

open("user@someaddress:/home/some/file.txt", "a") {|f| f << sometxtdata}

I've tried the Net::SSH.start which connects, but I can't figure out how to reference the file as a local one. Any help/thoughts would be appreciated. Let met know if I didn't describe the question well.

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Perhaps this is a procedural problem, rather than a programming one?

If the file on both systems is the same, then I assume you want to open it on the other system to sync its contents. If that is true, then it might make more sense to use scp or rsync to copy the local version of the file to the other host and overwrite it.

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You could mount the remote location using sshfs. It would then appear as if it was local.

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