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How do i get git to show command-line help in windows?

I'm using msysgit 1.7.4.

It's defaulting to open the html help in the browser.

I just want to show the text help on the console.

I've seen the config help.format (which is set to html by default). I tried setting this to man or info, but it just says that:

fatal: no info viewer handled the request

Thanks, matt

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Issue 187 does report:

The main problem is that we do ship neither man.exe nor the man pages.
Otherwise, you could set help.format to 'man' in /etc/gitconfig.

So right now, this isn't possible...

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Wow, that's really kind of unfortunate. That's the main way I learned to use it! –  Jefromi Apr 1 '11 at 19:35

I've just spent some time researching the subject, and these are my conclusions:

  • msysgit ships with .html and .txt documentation, the latter being well suited for reading on the console; however, no option for directly displaying the txt exists. help.format only supports web/man/info

  • there's no way to coax the 'web' format for that purpose - I tried renaming the .txt files to .html and setting my git web.browser to more (together with browser.more.cmd), only to find out that the windows implementation of Git ignores these settings and launches the html file directly (i.e. in the default browser): http://comments.gmane.org/gmane.comp.version-control.msysgit/10798

  • unless you want to install and use cygwin, there's no easy way to use man or info either - you'll need to download a port of the executable, together with its dependencies (groff, etc), configure it, and download the manpages manually

In the end I resolved for the simplest approach:

githelp.bat: @more "C:\Program Files\Git\doc\git\html\%1.txt"

githelpfind.bat: @dir /b "C:\Program Files\Git\doc\git\html\*.txt" | find "%1"


\> githelpfind prune

\> githelp git-prune
(blah blah blah)

A little more typing this way, but a functional solution.

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That there is no console output on Windows still kinda sux, but this is better than nothing. –  legalize Feb 2 '14 at 19:03

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