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Looking for a tut on how to go about making a RPG scripting engine in c++ using lua.

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as in rocket propelled grenade or role play game or ...? ;) –  0xC0000022L Apr 1 '11 at 20:57

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Get your hands on a copy of "Lua Programming Gems".

There is a whole part (chapters 20 through 23) dedicated to game programming. It's perhaps not tailored exactly to your needs, but the whole book is a gem in my bookshelf. Love it and it's in the top ten of those I reach for most frequently. And yes, even if you want specifically game programming, the other chapters very likely also have something in them for you ...

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I recommend using Luabind, as their page says:

It has the ability to expose functions and classes, written in C++, to Lua. It will also supply the functionality to define classes in lua and let them derive from other lua classes or C++ classes.

Then all your Lua code can just call the methods you wrote in C++.

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