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I'm implementing pagination in rails3 using the kaminari gem.

I've been following this code from github https://github.com/amatsuda/kaminari_example/commits/ajax

unfortunately, the following code

jQuery('#paginator').html('<%= escape_javascript(paginate(@recipes,:remote=>true).to_s) %>');

does not seem to be working.

my javascript for what to do what a user selects a page is

         // get the page value from href
          var page = jQuery(this).attr('href').replace('/home/index?page=','');
          jQuery.getJSON('?page='+page, function(data){
                 for (var r in data){
              jQuery('#paginator').html('<%= escape_javascript(paginate(@recipes,:remote=>true).to_s) %>');

the showResults function runs through the JSON and creates a bunch of html elements. Everything is working great, except that the pagination isn't updating to show the current page when the results are reloaded.

I don't get any errors in firebug, i'm using Rails 3 with ruby 192.

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Are you sure you have '#paginator' element for the paginator in you HTML? I mean, does the following code return the element on Firebug?

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yes, firebug finds the id='paginator' no problem. Not sure why this isn't working. Though I'm considering replacing the 'paging links' with a slider anyway, so I might not worry about it. –  pedalpete Apr 6 '11 at 17:07

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