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i have follow query that when i enter the record in the database and its automatically tweet it and facebook status also set..

i see some where in the wordpress in 2 to 3 month before their is one plugin which has social media poster which work like same when new topic is created in the wp-admin then its automatically post on different social networks only we have to configure the plugins from the wp-admin.

i want to write the code in php which do the same when i enter record in the database then its automatically post on different social engines is their any tools or some thing like that or could any buddy give me the tutorial how to do that or any buddy tell me the code in php .. i am very thankful.

Thanking in advance.

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You have to solve two tasks:

  1. Get informed whenever a new database entry is available
  2. Post the information to the social networks

Task 1 can be done by polling regularly (i.e. every 60 seconds) by running a cronjob.

Task 2 is also not that hard when you use some available PHP API, i.e. Services_Twitter for twitter.

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i don't want to do this... i just want a simple api which i include in my admin panel ... when new record inserted what text i want support i want title "Hello World" which tweet and fbstate and its also possible to publish without the restriction and they just update the state on facebook, twitter as well as myspace.. i just give the api keys and secrets keys and account info the that api which has to publish my task.. i don't want to go their to code the extra publishing stuff.. –  Appz Venture Apr 14 '11 at 23:54
please help me out .. from that i am very thankful .. !! –  Appz Venture Apr 20 '11 at 19:16

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