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I have an ssis package...which read data from fixed-column-width text file into DB table.

And I am modifying an existing ssis package. I have a flat file source...and flat file cnnection. When I try to edit the flat file connection...using "flat file connection manager editor"..., under "general" part...even if I select different filename..it's not getting reflected.

OR...select the properties window of "Flat File Connection" - once I change connection string and click "save" of visual studio...it rollback

Help me please.

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Is it possible you don't have access to the package itself? Right clicking on the file icon in the Connection Manager below and selecting 'Rename' and then renaming it right there and then saving the package should work.

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I found out the issue.the issue is...if you goto flatfile connection properties..."Expressions"->Connection string is configured there. I face one issu now...When give a ftp path there..the SSIS gives me error . How to give the file path? –  Relativity Apr 1 '11 at 22:39
A FlatFile cannot connect to FTP. You need to use a FTP connection Manager for that. –  cairnz Apr 2 '11 at 19:46

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