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Okay i am trying to create a mysql query that does this: show 3 random records from table then after the 3th record show TEXT and then show the same 3 items but other field (equaling to the items ofcourse) from same table.

eg table info:

--ids | titles------

10   | one

20   | two

30   | three

and the query results from the given example:

30 10 20  TEXT three one two

if anyone understand what i am asking,post your suggestion/asnwer thanks for your time all :)

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What is 30 10 20 TEXT three one two? You want a single row result with 7 columns? (and if so why do you care what order the columns are in) –  Martin Smith Apr 1 '11 at 22:22
the 30 10 20 TEXT three one two is how i want to look an example random query i want the ids in random then show some text (pause the query) and then the same query but show 3 names (the 3ids's names) –  ivo tanev Apr 2 '11 at 9:18

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Just for kicks..

select t1.id, t2.id, t3.id, 'TEXT', t1.title, t2.title, t3.title
    select @r := @r + 1 rownum, id
    from (select @r:=0) initvar, (
        select id
        from tbl
        order by rand()
        limit 3
    ) X
) Y
join tbl t1 on Y.rownum=1 and t1.id = Y.id
join tbl t2 on Y.rownum=2 and t2.id = Y.id
join tbl t3 on Y.rownum=3 and t3.id = Y.id

You should really just do the query below, and do whatever display processing using the 3 rows returned, in whatever programming environment you use (Java/PHP/.Net etc).

select id, title
from tbl
order by rand()
limit 3


To get the data in 7 different rows, you can use the below. I stress again that this is front-end display code. I will not use such SQL code in a production system.

select display
select sorter, rownum,
    case when sorter=3 then title else id end display
    select @r := @r + 1 rownum, id, title
    from (select @r:=0) initvar,
        select id, title
        from tbl
        order by rand()
        limit 3
    ) X
) Y, (select 1 sorter union all select 3) dup
union all
select 2, 0, 'TEXT'
) Z
order by sorter, rownum

Example Output

test 7    << title for id=7
test 2
test 1
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I use the similar query but the problem is that after the 3 items returned i want to add some text just once and then show the same 3 random results but different rows... i hope u get what i am sayin now :) –  ivo tanev Apr 2 '11 at 9:29
@ivo / You would get a lot more traction if you just asked how to do this in the front end, because that's where this should be done –  RichardTheKiwi Apr 2 '11 at 9:34

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