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I think this is a question for eclipse experts. Where is the checkstyle marker location? I am using a plug in that is calculating warnings that apper in project and and it shows me zero checkstyle warnings , while there are around 300 !!! Looking at the plug in configuartions i see that is looking for markers : com.atlassw.tools.eclipse.checkstyle.CheckstyleMarker

i have no idea !!!

Thanks in advance

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Did you mean Eclipse -> Window -> Show View -> Other -> Checkstyle : ? –  lschin Apr 2 '11 at 1:34
What do you mean by location? I use Checkstyle in my daily work, and provide a special configuration for others in our project, so I know checkstyle a little bit. I thought Checkstyle in Eclipse is just using the problems of Eclipse, so the infrastructure of eclipse should be the "location" –  mliebelt Apr 16 '11 at 10:40

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Well, Eclipse (3.6) stores the checkstyle findings in a file called .markers in the .metadata directory of the workspace:


That's a binary file though, so I don't think reading it will do you any good. It is one way to check that certain markers exist, though. (Quite possibly not the best.)

Normally, the Problems view of Eclipse shows you all markers: Window -> Show View -> Problems. Entries with type Checkstyle problem are generated by Checkstyle. Check the Resource and Path columns in that view in order to make sure you are comparing findings in the right scope.

You can clear the Checkstyle markers from a project by right-clicking it and selecting Checkstyle -> Clear Checkstyle violations from the context menu. They are recreated when the project is built. (Provided the checkstyle builder is active, which you can check in the project properties under Builders).

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