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...and showing nothing than the movie itself? This should work with *.mp4, *.ogv *webm and the flash fallback

Any help appreciated!

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I don't know what language you are using. But here is an article that explains tags converning videos. Search for "autostart"

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Here is the javascript code to start the movie automatically:

var settings = {};

settings.success = function( mediaElement, domObject ) {
   // if using the Flash player, we need to listen to the `canplay` event
   if (mediaElement.pluginType == 'flash') {
      mediaElement.addEventListener('canplay', function() {
         // Player is ready;
      }, false);
   } else {
         // call the play method;

// the controls, we don't want any of them
settings.features = [];

$( 'video' ).mediaelementplayer( settings );

And here is the CSS code to hide the play icon in the center of the movie window:

.mejs-overlay-button {
    display: none;
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