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I am using jquery with cakephp and I need to post some data to a update function of controller. I need it to be separated so that it would look like this in fiddler

Name                   |    Value
data[Answer][1][body]  |    John DC
data[Answer][2][body]  |    Company
data[Answer][3][body]  |    Title
data[Answer][4][body]  |    Country
data[Answer][5][body]  |    Email
data[Answer][6][body]  |    Phone
data[Answer][7][body]  |    test

Name                                                                                                                   |  Value
    data[Answer][1][body]:John DC,data[Answer][2][body]:Company,data[Answer][3][body]:Title,data[Answer][4][body]:Country,data[Answer][5][body]:Email,data[Answer][6][body]:Phone,data[Answer][7][body]:test    |

So it all shows up under Name column.

Here is my ajax

$j(document).ready(function() { 
    $j('#form').click( function () {

             type: 'post',    

                    "data[Answer][1][body]:" +  $j('#ID1').val() + 
                    ",data[Answer][2][body]:" + $j('#ID2').val() + 
                    ",data[Answer][3][body]:" + $j('#ID3').val() + 
                    ",data[Answer][4][body]:" + $j('#ID4').val() +
                    ",data[Answer][5][body]:" + $j('#ID5').val() +
                    ",data[Answer][6][body]:" + $j('#ID6').val() +
                    ",data[Answer][7][body]:" + $j('#ID7').val(),

             url: "/mypage/update",
             success: function(){



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solved it using json. but now running into a new prob will post in a new question –  Autolycus Apr 1 '11 at 23:34
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Is there a good reason your elements #ID1 to #ID7 don't have the name attribute in the format you need?

This will happen automatically if you use echo $this->Form->input('Answer.1.body') to render your input fields. If you don't like what FormHelper gives you by default there are many ways to customize the output.

You can then use something like jQuery("#ID1,#ID2...").serialize() to help post your data back to the server. Seems like you need to let both the jQuery and CakePHP frameworks do more of the work for you :)

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I just saw your earlier question as well. Unless I misunderstand what you are doing I would take another look at the CakePHP cookbook, eg book.cakephp.org/view/1390/Automagic-Form-Elements. I only resort to using fiddler in exceptional situations. –  contrebis Apr 1 '11 at 23:49
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