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I'm using gedit on my macbook pro and the shortcut to change documents (tabs) within an editor is option+command+page up/down.

However, as it is a macbook pro, I find it slightly inconvenient to have to press the fn key + up/down arrow in order to make a page up/down input. Is there a way to configure the keyboard shortcut to be ctrl + tab?

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If i understand correctly that you want to switch tabs by using ctrl + tab, you can do that with a plugin from


Control Your Tabs - Ctrl-Tab / Ctrl-Shift-Tab switch tabs in most recently used order. Ctrl-PageUp / Ctrl-PageDown switch tabs in tabbar order.

TabPgUpDown - Switch between documents using Ctrl+PgUp and Ctrl+PgDown.

TabSwitch - Allows to ctrl+tab-switch between documents.

To install one of these, you need to download the files and put them in your ~/.gnome2/gedit/plugins/ directory (which may need to be created). They need to be in that exact directory; subdirectories are not scanned for plugins.

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