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i can't find any definitive answer on the boilerplate docs, but can someone clarify the difference between plugins.js, and script.js? i'm a javascript newbie, and am tempted to just put all my scripts in one file... is there a good reason not to do this?

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Now there is a document explaining that. – Paolo Dec 5 '11 at 15:52

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From the FAQ:

Script.js should hold your primary application script. It might make sense to store it in an object literal and execute it based on body classes.

Plugins I use for jQuery plugins and other 3rd party scripts myself. I put the jQuery plugins inside of the (function($){ ... })(jQuery); closure to make sure they're in the jQuery namespace safety blanket, especially if they were written by more amateur developers. See also jQuery Plugin Authoring.

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in plugins.js file you get few helpers bundled, it's probably meant to include stuff you won't modify at all (or at least not so often), while script.js is a file ready for your... yes, scripts. ;)

what you said is true - in production, it's usually better to serve the browser one file instead of many. however in development it's easier to keep things separated. that's the reason why boilerplate comes with a build script, which combines all your scripts into one so you don't have to worry about this.

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in scripts -> your custom scripts in plugings -> don't touch it!

In build process both files unite into one unique and compressed file...

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