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Ok so here are the steps i followed in creating a custom .ani cursor but no luck!
1. I created a resource.h file and added

#ifndef RESOURCE_H
#define RESOURCE_H

#define MyCustomBusyCursor 100


2 Then i created .rc file (by right clicking the project name and selecting Resource File). But now i do not know how to add path to my .ani file. How would I load my cursor in main? I am guessing i will have to use LoadCursor() function.

Thank you.

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Ok, in case anyone is curious i used this code to load a custom cursor:

HCURSOR hCurBusy =  LoadCursorFromFile(TEXT("myAnimCursor2.ani"));
HCURSOR hCurStandard =  LoadCursorFromFile(TEXT("C:\\Windows\\Cursors\\arrow_m.cur"));

    SetSystemCursor( hCurBusy, 32512);
    /* or whatever you wanna do...*/
    SetSystemCursor( hCurStandard, 32512);

You do not need to do resource stuff. But the stuff i did is for changing system cursor, maybe for an app you might have to use LoadCursor function(s).

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