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Is there a way to use FQL to obtain the XID of all comments posted on any page associated with a particular Facebook application ID?

The docs listed for FQL on the comments_info table at this address seem to suggest that it is possible:


If I attempt the following query however, it returns no results.

SELECT xid FROM comments_info WHERE app_id = {MY_APP_ID}

I want to use this to find the most popular pages without individually checking each URL to determine which one has the most posts.

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possible duplicate of Retrieve all comments with FQL by application ID – Somnath Muluk Apr 20 '12 at 15:29

If you are trying to get comments from the Comments plugin, try the comment FQL table instead. Legacy fb:comments were auto-migrated to the latest version a while ago, effectively rendering *comments_info* obsolete.

From the *comments_info* docs page: "Note: This table contains a mapping of app_id to XIDs used by legacy fb:comments. It does not contain a map for the current comments plugin, which does not use XIDs."

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