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I am using symfony1.4 with doctrine ORM. i have problem in edit form using formwidgets. I successfully added a record using formWidgets. I am having a datatable with Edit and Delete link with the record id and i want to edit it using the formwidgets. I am passing the id to the form as like this

$this->form = new TblallusersForm($id);

But it is requesting for object. The problem is how can i pass the id to the form as object Pl help me solve this.....

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You need to retrieve the object first, then pass that instance to the form:

$object = Doctrine_Core::getTable("Tblallusers")->find($id);
$this->form = new TblallusersForm($object);
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In addition to this check – Pabloks Apr 2 '11 at 17:33

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