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I'm running this in an Air app using SQLite. Trying to run a query and I'm getting this error, but it seems like what it's complaining about should not be the case unless I'm misunderstanding something.

details:'Mismatch in parameter count. Found 1 in SQL specified and 3 value(s) set in parameters property. Expecting values for ':PatientId'

SQL statement text:

SELECT DateTime, BolusTotal FROM Bolus 
WHERE DateTime >= ':Date :StartTime' 
AND DateTime < datetime(':Date :StartTime', '+24 hours') 
AND PatientID = :PatientId 

and the 3 parameters are set. :Date - 2011-04-03, :PatientId - 1, :StartTime - 00:00:00.

Am I missing something? Because I see 3 parameters in the SQL specified...

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The parameters in the single quotes are not being recognized as parameters - it thinks they are just parts of strings. Only :PatientId is seen as a param.

You need to pass in a fully formatted datetime in the first case, and in the second, could just add the 24 outside of the call and pass that in as another argument.

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Great! Should have been obvious.. I got stuck because I was looking at an example that used single quotes instead of doublequotes to delineate the query string and that made me think that it was proper to put a parameter that was a string rather than an int inside quotes. – Damon Apr 2 '11 at 5:50

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