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Whats the best way to write a 3D rendering/visualization control that can meet the following requirements:

  1. Can be embedded in an HTML page.
  2. Cross-browser: works in as many browsers as possible with minimal porting overhead.
  3. Hardware based rendering using OpenGL.
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WebGL using canvas, no special plugin required: http://www.khronos.org/webgl/ Some examples from Mr Doob: http://mrdoob.com/

Supported Browser: Opera new rel, IE9, Chrome, Firefox and all browser that support html5 and canvas.

Another solution is in simple flash, using some rendering engine like papervision, http://away3d.com/ or the impressive http://alternativaplatform.com/.

And a last one solution can be Java using OpenGL wrapper like http://lwjgl.org/ or 3d engine like: http://jmonkeyengine.com/, both usable as applet or webstart

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