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I need to develop an application that uses Android music player API (if exists). For example, I need to implement three buttons:

  1. REV
  2. Play/Stop
  3. FF

and get the tags of current song playing.

But I don't want develop a new Music Player, but use existing Android native app. Can you help me?

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There is no single "existing Android native app". Any device can bundle any media player(s) it wants.

I am assuming that you are thinking the player that is part of the Android open source project is the "existing Android native app". In that case, not only might that not exist on a device, but there is no documented and supported API for manipulating it, let alone retrieving information from it.

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But some apps can interact with music player. So I need to develop my mediaplayer? –  CeccoCQ Apr 2 '11 at 14:59

You can just use the android app Tasker (costs about $7 right now at the play store) if all you want to do if control simple things about your music app like play, pause and next song.

I think one of the triggers (called a context in the app) is shaking the phone. There is a ton you can script or automate using this app.

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