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I have a block, and I want to activate it in some region and also to set for him the condition to be seen only in a give node. How can I do this programmatically in Drupal 7 ?

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drupal_write_record doesn't work if you want to use within an update hook. you can also use db_update or db_insert depending of course if you are updating or creating a database entry. Here's an example updating:

// find your block id, for me $bid = 38
    'module' => 'system',
    'delta' => 'main-menu', // block delta, find in database or module that defines it
    'theme' => 'mytheme', // theme to configure
    'visibility' => BLOCK_VISIBILITY_NOTLISTED, // see drupal constants
    'region' => 'main_menu', // region declared in  theme
    'status' => 1,
    'pages' => '',
  ->condition('bid', $bid, '=')

See the hook_block_info api for more details on the parameters.

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I was able to achieve this by using the following code.

$menu_block = array(
    'module' => 'menu',
    'delta' => 'IDBLOCK', // the id of the block
    'theme' => 'MYTHEME', // the current theme
    'visibility' => 1, // it is displayed only on those pages listed in $block->pages.
    'region' => 'menu',
    'status' => 1,
    'pages' => '', // display the menu only for these pages

drupal_write_record('block', $menu_block);
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