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I have ImageField in my model and I'm able to display the image in a template. However, how do I retrieve the image's height and width?

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See the documentation for ImageField.

In addition to the special attributes that are available for FileField, an ImageField also has height and width attributes.

So just do the following:

<img src="{{ image.url }}" width="{{ image.width }}" height="{{ image.height }}"/>
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hmmm.. it doesn't work on my end. {% with post.postimage_set.all as image %} <a href="{{ image.get_image_url }}"><img src="{{ image.get_image_url }}" title="{{ image.title }}" alt="{{ alt }}" width="{{ image.width }}" height="{{ image.height }}" /></a> {% endwith %} –  bonbon.langes Oct 3 '13 at 11:57

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