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I want to detect a circle, rectangle shaped object in an image and read the information from that object. Is there any api in java which will be helpful to me?

Ex: Detect a round shaped coin in a white background and obtain information about that that coin like ( value of a coin, etc.)


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This is something i did in my artificial intelligence course. We did something similar like detecting the #7 in an image, distinguishing faces, etc. but we used Python. Or maybe use the Canny Edge Detection algorithm? – mattkc7 Apr 2 '11 at 11:16

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Here's an answer to a similar question for C++.

For Java, you can use the OpenCV wrappers. However, once you understand the essence of the approach you should be able to solve your problem using whichever framework is available.

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Circles are perfect targets for the Hough transform. Check this out Detect circles with HT and OpenCV

Rectangles are a bit harder since the Hough Transform is not rotation invariant. You can go into edge detection and fast fitting (Fast line and rectangle detection by clustering and grouping)

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