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Hello i have to make a website for a television network using a CMS ...

I feel Drupal is scalable enough for a televison website but still not able to decide....

I need advice from the community members that what will be the best CMS solution to go with

Note : Main feature needed in this website is very high level user management and media mangement .....

it will gr8 if anyone advices on best licensed and open source cms to go with


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There is no best CMS for XYZ industry/business. The answer depends on the needs of the business, how technical the users are, what resources are available etc. The fact is, you can create sites that look and work exactly the same to the front end user with any reputable CMS. Drupal is a very good CMS and it can be made to do what ever you need if you have PHP programming experience. They have tons of extensions and a large community. If you like it, go with it.

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@ Brent Friar...that was simple and straight it helped me a lot to take the decision....thanks a lot for ur help – user614235 Apr 3 '11 at 8:51

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