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I'm looking for a java database server that has support for database to be shared and opened from a PHP web application and a java application simultaneuosly.

I found Apache Derby and H2 Database but they don't have a clear support for PHP application.

Please suggest.

It must be a Java Database Server, since we are planning that we may have to distribute the applications to customers, so we need something portable and redistributable.

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What are your requirements ? Does it have to be a Java Database Server and why can't you just use something like MySql? – Johann du Toit Apr 2 '11 at 11:41

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Most popular databases have drivers for PHP and for Java.

They also support concurrent connections. Choosing something like SQL Server, Oracle, MySql, Postgres will work just fine.

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MySQL might work fine for you. I've used it myself in projects where I both need to access it from java and PHP.

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