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Apart being non persistent and scoped only to the current window are there any benefits performance, data access etc. on Session Storage over Local Storage?

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They aren't scoped to the current window, they are scoped to origin. In fact, all tabs / windows open in the browser that are from the same origin will get a "storage" event on the window when local or session storage is modified –  robert Dec 14 '12 at 18:50
@robert - I believe you're incorrect. From w3.org/TR/webstorage sessionStorage is scoped to the "top-level browsing context", meaning it is unique to each browser tab / window. localStorage is scoped to the origin, however, meaning it's shared across all pages on the same origin. –  broofa Jul 26 '13 at 20:46
Re: Performance jsperf.com/localstorage-vs-sessionstorage –  colllin Jul 4 '14 at 4:16

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localStorage and sessionStorage both extend Storage. There is no difference between them except for the intended "non-persistence" of sessionStorage.

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there's a broader discussion that you may find helpful here: stackoverflow.com/questions/19867599/… –  Ed Sykes Apr 27 '14 at 11:51
if you save some data in storage under http, you will not be able to retrieve it at https –  Mark Thien Jun 9 '14 at 9:52
i tested this on Chrome v41.x and it seems that the above statement about https is not true: localStorage retains its stored data. –  CCC Apr 10 at 19:02

The only difference is that localStorage has a different expiration time, sessionStorage will only be accessible while and by the window that created it is open.
localStorage lasts until you delete it or the user deletes it.
Lets say that you wanted to save a login username and password you would want to use sessionStorageover localStorage for security reasons (ie. another person accessing their account at a later time).
But if you wanted to save a user's settings on their machine you would probably want localStorage. All in all:

localStorage - use for long term use.
sessionStorage - use when you need to store somthing that changes or somthing temporary

While localStorage and sessionStorage are great for short term/short storage if you wanted to store longer things I would recommend JavaScript FileSystem Object extravaganza!(Not really called that) It's great for storing longer files and directories.

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Few other points which might be helpful to understand differences between local and session storage

  1. Both local storage and session storage are scoped to document origin, so


    All of the above URL's will not share the same storage. (Notice path of the web page does not affect the web storage)

  2. Session storage is different even for the document with same origin policy open in different tabs, so same web page open in two different tabs cannot share the same session storage.

  3. Both local and session storage are also scoped by browser vendors. So storage data saved by IE cannot be read by Chrome or FF.

Hope this helps.

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performance wise, my (crude) measurements found no difference on 1000 writes and reads

security wise, intuitively it would seem the localStore might be shut down before the sessionStore, but have no concrete evidence - maybe someone else does?

functional wise, concur with digitalFresh above

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regarding page load performance: Both, sessionStorage and localStorage are initiated and populated out of the page-load-render cycle. Therefore the toll on initial page load time is not measurable from within the browser. –  Fenchurch Feb 2 at 21:38

sessionStorage is the same as localStorage, except that it stores the data for only one session, and it will be removed when the user closes the browser window that created it

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Ya session storage and local storage are same in behaviour except one that is local storage will store the data until and unless the user delete the cache and cookies and session storage data will retain in the system until we close the session i,e until we close the session storage created window.

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