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My problem is that I have a small formula which have a minimum of 2 rows and should be able to be expanded to a given number from another cell. E.g. 2 rows minimum - then the cell numbering the amount of rows is set to 10. Then there will be added another 8 rows between row 1 & 2. With autofilled data that is similar to when you drag it down using the autofill option. Again when you set down the number from 10 to 4 then 6 of the rows should be deleted.

Hope that you can see the idea of what I am thinking and again I'm very sorry if this is unclear or not fulfilling all requirements to a question.

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  1. Define three named cells -- say, FirstCell, LastCell and HowMany. Make sure LastCell is right below FirstCell.

  2. Create a Worksheet_Change handler. If the Target range is the HowMany cell, then add or remove cells between FirstCell and LastCell:

    If Target.Address = Me.Range("HowMany").Address Then
      If Not IsEmpty(Target.Value) Then
        If IsNumeric(Target.Value) Then
          If Target.Value >= 2 Then
            Dim i As Long
            Dim rows_before As Long
            rows_before = Me.Range("LastCell").Row - Me.Range("FirstCell").Row + 1
            If rows_before < Target.Value Then
              For i = 1 To Target.Value - rows_before
                Me.Range("LastCell").Insert xlShiftDown
            ElseIf rows_before > Target.Value Then
              Me.Range(Me.Range("LastCell").Offset(-1, 0), Me.Range("LastCell").Offset(-(rows_before - Target.Value), 0)).Delete xlShiftUp
            End If
            Me.Range(Me.Range("FirstCell"), Me.Range("LastCell")).FillDown
          End If
        End If
      End If
    End If
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Thank you! - I will try to see if I can learn how to implement this, I never tried use VB. So this will be a challenge :) - Have a nice weekend so far! :) – E Ring Apr 2 '11 at 20:49

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