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I'm trying to capture all requests to /dav and all paths nested under that to a Rack handler:

match "/dav" =>  RackDAV::Handler.new(:root => 'davdocs')
match "/dav/*whatever" =>  RackDAV::Handler.new(:root => 'davdocs')

Do I really have to make two routes for this, or is there a way to express this as one route (one line)?

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I think it should be enough to use

match "/dav(/*whatever)" =>  RackDAV::Handler.new(:root => 'davdocs')

Optional parameters are very briefly described in the Rails Routing guide under "Bound parameters"

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match '/dav(/*dav_section)', :to =>  Proc.new { |env| [200, {"Content-Type" => 'text/plain'},["Here we are in Dav"]]}
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