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Hello i would like to show a splash screen image; i've read http://developer.android.com/guide/practices/screens_support.html about the different directories (ldpi, mdpi, ...) to create under res/ but i've not understood if,other than creating the same image of 240x320, 320x480 and 480x800 i need to do other things to achieve a good result. Can anyone suggest me which is the best thing to do?

Thanks in advance c.

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What you describe is what you need to do. You need an image for each screen pixel density group (ldpi, mdpi, hpdi and poss xhdpi)

Other things you can do?

  • Use a background around the image so the image appears to stretch (e.g. if image is white near the edges, use a white background). It'll look better if there isn't an obvious border around the image and it fades into a background.
  • The background/borders could be a 9-patch, stretchable image
  • In theory you could provide a lot more images and select them at runtime based on actual screen size, but it's a very bad idea (you never know what new sizes are coming)
  • Remember to include portrait and landscape versions - never a good idea to assume one orientation if you can possibly avoid it

Think of an Android screen like a resizable web page - they come in various different sizes and shapes, and your layout needs to stretch and adapt for all.

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Like Ollie C said, I also make a 9-patch that I set in background, the only probleme with this methos is that your Splashscreen must have uniform stretchable areas.

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