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I develop the game for iPad (composing image from puzzles). In my menu i choose level difficult (simple, medium or hard). After selecting the main playing field will be shown. Here's place, where i create the main playing field:

- (void)simpleDiffButtonClicked:(id)sender
    UIButton *button = sender;
    if (simpleDiffButton == button) {
        UIView *mySuperView = self.view.superview;

        mainGame = [[MainGame alloc] initWithMode:1 andImage:nil]; //mainGame variable is declared in header file like: MainGame *mainGame;
        mainGame.view.frame = CGRectMake(0, 0, 1024, 768);
        [mySuperView addSubview: mainGame.view];


After this playing field is appears (there are a lot of sublayers adding to self.view.layer) and i can interact with it. When i want to quit from it, i click button "back". (here i want to release my viewcontroller)

- (void)backToMenuButtonClicked:(id)sender
    UIButton *button = sender;
    if (nextImageClick == YES) {
    if (backToMenuButton == button) {
     self.view.layer.sublayers = nil;  //here's an exception
    [self.view removeFromSuperview];


After clicking "back" button everything is ok. And i can choose difficultly level again. A choose a level, and after it clicking "back" button again and at this place application crashes (EXC_BAD_ACCESS). As i understand "self.view.layer.sublayers = nil" causes the exception. Without it everything is ok. But memory is leaking. And after several minutes of playing app was crashes (memory warning 2). I cannot solve the problem for about a week. I don't understand what to do to release my viewcontroller (or i need to release all sublayers in controller?).

Please, someone help me. Thanks in advance.

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Try to turn on NSZombieEnabled and check out Debugger and Console when it crush, it can give some more info about the problem.

P.S. NSZombieEnabled : http://www.cocoadev.com/index.pl?NSZombieEnabled (you may want to try useing .gdbinit).

P.P.S: Btw, there might be some other problem in the line where "mainGame = [[MainGame alloc] initW...". -- where [mainGame release] is called? (it should be called as many as simpleDiffButtonClicked which allocs new instance of MainGame to mainGame variable (every time))

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Thanks for reply, navX! I'll read about NSZombieEnabled (thanks). What about releasing the mainGame variable - if i do this [mainGame.view release];, the application will crashes (EXC_BAD_ACCESS). Maybe there's another way to present a view (not addSubview:)? I've read about presentmodalview method, but it's not working for me and it's not that i need. –  akozin Apr 2 '11 at 18:52

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