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I have a question about java copy constructors. I am writing a program where I have a private final instance variable and i'm writing an add method that calls 2 values for real numbers as well as imaginary numbers. How do I go about writing this method?

My return statements are not being too effective. So any tips?

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Post some code, please. This makes no sense as written. – duffymo Apr 2 '11 at 16:54
now please read your question and try to see whether a person that does not know your code can understand the situation. I, for one, cannot. – Bozho Apr 2 '11 at 16:55
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copy constructor is a c++ (and, perhaps, other languages) concept. A kind of close equivalent in Java is the Cloneable Interface. From the API JavaDoc:

A class implements the Cloneable interface to indicate to the Object.clone() method that it is legal for that method to make a field-for-field copy of instances of that class.

To make a "copy" of an object call the .clone() method. For example:

String schmarr = "schmarr";
String schmarrClone = schmarr.clone();

check out clone() at this link (this is the java 5.0 reference).

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