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So I'm using Rails and jQuery Mobile.a4 and I'm having trouble generating a path that looks like /date/2011/04/04 while inputting that manually works fine.


root :to => 'events#date', :constraints => {:user_agent => /Mobile|webOS|BlackBerry/}
match '/date/:year/:month/:day' => 'events#date', 
    :constraints => {:user_agent => /Mobile|webOS|BlackBerry/}


def date
    unless params[:year].nil?
        @today = Date.new(params[:year].to_i, params[:month].to_i, params[:day].to_i)
        @today = Date.today

    respond_to :html


= link_to (@today - 1.days).strftime("%A"), 
    {:action => "date", :year => @today.year, :month => @today.month, :day => (@today - 1.days).day}

path generated


looking to generate


What am I missing here? Any help would be greatly appreciated

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<%= link_to (@today - 1.days).strftime("%A"), "/date/#{@today.year}/#{@today.month}/#{@today.day}" %>
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Not sure I understand... <%= link_to "something", url, :data-role => "button" %> If this is wrong, open a new question and post here the url to it –  Kyle Macey Apr 2 '11 at 19:15

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