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Is anyone here able to point me to a simple and well designed C++ 2D open source game engine? The genre is less important, I wish to learn by example. I wouldn't want anything particularly complex as I'm interested in learning general concepts, rather than getting into the nitty-gritty of the engine implementation.

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For which OS/platform? Windows? Linux/POSIX? –  thkala Apr 2 '11 at 18:51
Should not matter. I'm trying to learn basic concepts. –  Paul Manta Apr 2 '11 at 18:51

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If I were you I'd look into ClanLib - it is open source, cross platform, and the source packages contain 50 or so easy-to-follow examples, from simple image rendering, to a fully working server-client dice wars implementation.

And if you're eager to get started it's easy to set up with Visual Express, so you can play with in in no time.

Also: here are some others if you want to give them a try.

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Personally I learned a lot, looking through the source code of Frogatto, even the source code can be viewed only here.

It is of course a more complex game, but there is much to learn regarding software/game architecture and design.

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Have a look at SuperTux, it's a nice little platformer game inspired by Mario, written in C++. There is a builtin level editor, too.

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