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My application connects with the server, which uses OAuth authorization. How should I store such accounts in Account Manager? In case I have login and pass, it can look like below:

        Account account = new Account("user1", context.getString(R.string.ACCOUNT_TYPE));
        AccountManager am = AccountManager.get(context);
        if (am.addAccountExplicitly(account, "pass1", null)) {
            result = new Bundle();
            Log.i(TAG, "account: "", "+account.type);
            result.putString(AccountManager.KEY_ACCOUNT_TYPE, account.type);

But what should be passed instead of user name and pass in case of OAuth-account? And where should I store OAuth-secret? OAuth token should be stored in KEY_AUTHTOKEN?

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Don't use the password you could setAuthToken, put the OAuth token there instead:

It's important to understand that AccountManager is not an encryption service or a keychain. It stores account credentials just as you pass them, in plain text. On most devices, this isn't a particular concern, because it stores them in a database that is only accessible to root. But on a rooted device, the credentials would be readable by anyone with adb access to the device.

With this in mind, you shouldn't pass the user's actual password to AccountManager.addAccountExplicitly(). Instead, you should store a cryptographically secure token that would be of limited use to an attacker. If your user credentials are protecting something valuable, you should carefully consider doing something similar.

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