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I have several links on my page and want to run a JQuery Script when a user clicked on it. Previously I've added a unique ID to the link, e.g.

<a id="user_1" class="mylink">

On my click event i then extracted the ID and started the processing on it

userid = $(this).attr('id').split('_')[1];

Now I have the problem that my page might have several links with the same id, and of course that's not possible (afaik). So I think I have to add it as class, right? e.g.

<a class="mylink user_1">

Is this the best way? And how could I then extract the userID ('1') from the class? The jQuery-Script should of course also take care that there are some a-links without class 'user_,,,'. Many thanks in advance!

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The nicest way of doing this is with custom data-* attributes. These comply to the HTML5 standard and work universally in browsers older than that standard.

So your link might look like this:

<a data-user="1" class="mylink">

Your click handler could then look like this:

    var userId = $(this).data('user');

This works because data imports data-* attributes.

If there is no data-user attribute set, userId will be undefined.

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Brillant! I've read about this new feature implemented in jQuery 1.4.3 but I thought it was restricted to HTML5 only. Many thanks!! – K232 Apr 3 '11 at 4:27

this.className or if you want to do it using a jQuery object (there is no good reason to do so): $(this).attr('className')

From this string you could extract the ID with a regex (/userid_([0-9]+)/)...

However, using the HTML5 data- attributes would be better. Since browsers are very tolerant about unknown attributes they do not break anything and will work fine with HTML4 and XHTML:

<a class="mylink" data-userid="1">---</a>
var userid = $(this).data('userid');

The nice thing is: if you put valid JSON in a data attribute, .data('yourAttr') will automatically return an object instead of a string.

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Works excellent, many thanks! – K232 Apr 3 '11 at 4:28

Try this

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That's actually the code I have, but not a solution....? Even worser it's a step back, because this does not extract the ID from the name... – K232 Apr 3 '11 at 4:30

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